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We will provide various types of visa application services according to your needs. Choosing a licensed consultant to assist you in submitting a visa can better help you save more energy during the application process and make your application pass rate more effective.








Most frequent questions and answers

There are three main types of Canadian visas:Visit , study & work

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Canadian student visa belongs to material application visa, and the chance of interview is generally small. After reviewing your application materials, the visa officer will decide whether to invite you to participate in the interview, and notify the time and place.

cannot. Normally, the validity period of the visa will not exceed the validity period of the passport. So when your passport expires, your visa becomes invalid.

Entering Canada with a visitor visa, you can stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months at a time. The specific deadline should be based on the time given by the customs officers at the time of entry.

Yes, but it depends on the reason for the refusal and the specific case. If the refusal is due to the provision of false materials, it is not suitable to reapply; if the visa officer believes that the visa officer does not have enough financial ability or immigrant tendencies and other reasons for refusal due to improper preparation of materials , can reapply. If your visa is rejected, you can add our customer service number for more information.


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