Immigration Project Category

The Canadian Federal Immigration Bureau and the provincial immigration bureaus have launched various immigration projects according to the specific conditions of the local economy and employment. Applicants can choose the most suitable immigration program for themselves and their families by evaluating their own work experience, foreign language proficiency, educational background, and funding level. Immigration projects are roughly divided into three categories: skilled immigration, investment immigration and reunion immigration.


Skilled immigrants usually refer to applicants who have overseas or Canadian local work experience, and their language proficiency and educational background meet certain requirements. They apply to work in Canada through their own work experience or job opportunities provided by Canadian employers. The longer the work experience, the better the language performance, which can often make the applicant stand out. The applicant's spouse and children can also apply for Canadian permanent resident status together with the applicant.


Investment immigration projects are also often referred to as business immigration projects, and different provinces have different requirements for investment immigration projects. Generally speaking, the Canadian Immigration Service hopes to promote the local economy and increase employment opportunities through investment immigration projects. Applicants with experience in business management and operation can choose the investment immigration program that suits them according to their financial situation and English language proficiency.


Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents aged 18 or over can act as guarantors to sponsor their relatives to apply for Canadian permanent resident status through the reunion immigration project. Through this type of program, relatives can come to Canada to live, study and work, and reunite with the applicant. Generally speaking, according to different situations and application criteria, the guarantor can guarantee his spouse, cohabiting life partner, children, parents and grandparents, etc.


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